The initiative

TERNGA  JAM is a Senegal-originated cultural promotion initiative, inspired by and based on the principles of cultural diplomacy. The purpose is to develop or support multisectoral and creative projects with strong development and advocacy components around music and performing arts.
The initiative shapes its whole concept around the idea and the principles of Teranga, the social and cultural Senegalese philosophy.

Teranga is an ancestral, masterful and timeless philosophy of hospitality and acceptation of others also encompassing social values and guidelines which have for generations ruled the Senegalese way of life.

Here, the vision with its different perspectives and angles of interpretation serves not only as conceptual basis but as well as business model for the initiative and its projects.

When passion drives and awareness fuels: genesis of a vision

Dakar, 2014
A young professional in communications and events management has spent the last five years wandering behind different stages and fields through the country of Teranga.
Whether, as an Artists’ manager or consultant for some international organizations (mainly NGOs), she has been keeping a lot of inspirational footprints from meeting people and coming across stories of human struggles.
This time, she had just finished supporting a collaborator in bringing “the first Afro-House festival in West-Africa” into life (as co-producer), physically drained but emotionally full of inspiration.

This is when the idea to “start something from what we are, in the deepest, most-respectful and sharing way of one-self’s cultural assets, identity or identification” germinated.
Later, the idea which naturally led to “Teranga” would be mixed with the power of music in its most open and welcoming artistic expressions that brought the “jam” in the name. 

The initiator, a constellation of “something”
Fast-forward three years later, the idea has steadily grown to an event project, then a program to finally become the cultural promotion initiative also trademarked as a brand.
Grande Ourse is the name. The Dakar-based SME in communications and events productions which specializes in culture, arts and “occasionally” entertainment founded by the same young woman who launched Teranga Jam. 

“Entertainment is a delightful distraction from our daily lives’ challenges that should always trick us back to them through an inspiring backdoor”.