The collaborators

TchoubTchoub is the signature of Dakarese DJ and cultural promoter whose name is no longer to be introduced in the Senegalese capital city. With more than 15 years of presence in the music scene, Tchoubtchoub has now become one of the most recognized and beloved figures of the city.
From the mythical Koulgraoul parties where he took Dakar by storm for for more than eight years to OGWeekender and his “Lekk ak Fetcheu” concept, a brilliant mix of his profession (Cook) and passion (Music), Tchoubtchoub remains an active actor in music and entertainment in Dakar as well as abroad.


The Billion Bottles Challenge is a global awareness-raising campaign focusing on the impact of one-use containers and their destructive effect our environment.
Launched in 2016 by Groupe Senghor, a Senegalese company specialized in designing and developing projects with high environmental impacts, the campaign is in line with a dynamic of sustainable development’s promotion.



Kaay Fecc Association was founded in 2001 with the specific purpose of promoting and feeding African creation through meetings and exchanges between artists (in the special moment of an eponymous festival). It aims as well to support the professionnalisation of dancers and choreographers.
The main purpose of Kaay Fecc (“come to dance” in wolof”) is to support the circulation of African tradtional and contemporary choreographic artwoks. It was with the ambition to participate in the diffusion of African choreographic creation and to tackle creator exile that Kaay Feec has built all their actions.


Culture Makers Africa is a cultural activism movement and media dedicated to the promotion and popularization of African cultures to African youths.

Initiated by SIRIWORO, the ambition of Culture Makers Africa is to bring “African cultures makers” to light while enabling the young audiences to better know African cultures and be more open to artistic and creative diversity of the continent.