ACCES 2017 partners with Teranga Jam Fest

Teranga Jam Fest has partnered with The Music In Africa Conference For Collaborations, Exchange And Showcases (ACCES)  to bring music fans some of West Africa’s top artists at the Music In Teranga concert on 18 November 2017.

The free concert will feature Mamy Kanouté (Senegal), Moh Dediouf (Senegal), R-Light (Côte d’Ivoire), Cheikh Lô (Senegal) and Tamikrest (Mali) as part of the conference’s programming. Apart from various other exhibitions and musical showcases, ACCES 2017 will also hold a number of informative panel discussions where well-known professionals from Africa and around the world will talk about the state of the music industry on the continent.

“There’s no better way to conclude ACCES 2017 than with a concert featuring West Africa’s favourite artists,” Music In Africa Foundation director Eddie Hatitye said.

“We’re happy to be partnering with Teranga Jam Fest and for us, having these artists performing at the Music In Teranga concert is the icing on the cake of a music conference that we have been looking forward to the whole year.”

Teranga Jam Fest, which will be held for the first time at the iconic Place du Souvenir in the Senegalese capital this year, is a cultural diplomacy-based music and performing arts festival created and produced by Grande Ourse Productions. The first edition will focus on West African artists with a view to create a bridge between traditional and modern music.

“We are really delighted and proud to be partnering with ACCES,” Teranga Jam head Gnagna Koné said. “Music has, for a long time, proven to be one of the most powerful and inspiring ways to bring people together. We are honoured to be part of this showcase of pan-African collaboration and to host it for the first time in our beloved city, Dakar.”

About ACCES 2017

ACCES is an annual music conference that hosts industry players from across the African continent. ACCES 2017 will be held in Dakar, Senegal, on 17 and 18 November and will see music professionals converge on the Senegalese capital to exchange ideas, discover new talent and accelerate the shaping of the music sector on the continent. The conference offers training workshops, presentations, networking sessions, exhibitions, showcases, concerts, visits to key music industry hubs in Dakar and panel discussions,

Panellist include José Da Silva (Sony Music West Africa), Sipho Dlamini (Universal Music South Africa & sub-Saharan Africa), Christine Semba (WOMEX Germany), Mamou Daffé (Festival on the Niger, Mali), Christine Kamau (Women In Music Forum, Kenya) and Emma Ricour (KEIZIT Africa), among many others.

The panel discussions at the two-day ACCES 2017, which will open with a keynote address by legendary Senegalese musician Baaba Maal, will revolve around such topics as record labels in Africa, mobility and support for African musicians, music distribution, media, women in music, the effects of conflict on music, and the music industry in Senegal.

For more information, or if you would like to attend the conference, visit the ACCES 2017 official website.

TER★NGA JAM FEST, West Africa highlighted from 16 to 18 November 2017


From 16 to 18 November 2017 at ‘Place du souvenir africain’ in Dakar, Senegal

  • West Africa will be highlighted in this first edition of the biennial music and performing arts festival
  • Launching and presentation of the cultural diplomacy based initiative on November 16th 2017 during a roundtable followed by music showcase
  • Music and shows on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th of November 2017 at ‘Place du souvenir africain’.

From the 16th to 18th of November 2017, will take place the first edition of Teranga Jam Fest, a music and performing arts festival which serves as exchange, get-together and diffusion platform to the eponymous cultural promotion program.

With « Jant Sowe » as theme (« where the sun sets » in Wolof, meaning “west”) in reference to the focus given to West-Africa, this first edition of Teranga Jam Fest will host artists from Cape Verde (Dj Vielo), Senegal ( Cheikh Lô, Moh Dediouf), Ivory Coast (R Light) as well as another surprise headlining artist.
For a week-end, Dakar will vibrate to the rhythm of African music between traditions and modernity.

The festival will be the occasion to launch and present the eponymous cultural diplomacy based initiative which aims to develop or support creative multisectoral projects around music and performing arts with, as well, an awareness-raising and advocacy component.

Teranga is to hearts what music is to savage breast, it soothes” says Mrs Ndeye Gnagna KONE, initiator and producer of Teranga Jam. “We wish to capitalize on the extraordinary power of music and performing arts generally to move masses, by bringing together development’s stakeholders from different industries by linking them through creative connections.”

Teranga Jam is a participative initiative designed and produced by Grande Ourse (Sn Constellation) in collaboration with local entrepreneurs and cultural stakeholders such as Kaay Fecc Association, TchoubTchoub, Culture Makers Africa or Ecobrique Africa with the “Billion Bottles Challenge”.

Teranga Jam Fest will take place concurrently with the Music In Africa Conference for Collaboration, Exchange and Showcases (ACCES) – a pan African music conference that will bring music professionals from across the continent on 17 and 18 November 2017.

Teranga as though Senegalese resonates in every human being beyond our geographic, cultural or social borders. It is like music in that sense”, added Ndeye Gnagna.

This first edition of the festival, placed under the sign of African cooperation, will take place with the support of pan African organizations such as Music In Africa foundation whose aim is to promote and support African music industry and Wakanow, online platform promoting tourism in Africa which will propose an exclusive offer for a cultural and creative experience in Dakar during Teranga Jam Fest.

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