In November 2017, Culture will “set the tone” in Dakar.

Dear friends of culture,
We had already made the announcement in March 2017, the new cultural adventure “made in Senegal” is here.

To remember :

  • Cultural and artistic promotion initiative based on the principles of cultural diplomacy.
  • Leads multisectoral creative projects, with an advocacy and awareness component.
  • First edition of Teranga Jam Fest from 16th to 19th November 2017 with roundtable, conferences, panels, creation residency, shows and music. 

In November 2017, will be launched TERANGA JAM, an initiative of cultural promotion which draws inspiration from the principles of cultural diplomacy to develop or support artistic and creative projects.

Initiated by Grande Ourse (SnConstellation), a senegalese private communication and events productions’ organization which specializes in culture and arts, Teranga Jam is a cultural and creative product built around music and performing arts and at the crossroads of different socio-economic industries.

We have the pleasure to introduce to you “The Muses of Teranga“, serie of video-interviews with Dakar’s cultural and creative personalities who share their vision through the prism of their arts and creative sensitivities.

In this first part, Soly Cissé (for Painting), Gacirah Diagne (for Dance) and Stephan Senghor (for Environmental Crafts) are sharing their thoughts about Teranga with us.

Until we are able to communicate further information about our activities programme, we wish you a nice viewing with our muses.

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** TER★NGA  JAM is the intellectual property of Grande Ourse and a Trademark protected at the African  Intellectual Property Organization  **

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